The not so complex mind of nineteen year old girl | Cleveland, Ohio.

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Tumblr Themes For all the people who may not understand why im so ‘obsessed’ or judge me for talking about Twenty One Pilots to much, I encourage you to read this:

From the outside looking in, to you I may seem like a crazy addicted fan girl for this band.. but let me explain. Twenty One Pilots is more than just a band, their music is more than something to jam to in the car, their fan base is not just a fan base. For the past few years, I’ve struggled with depression something I never told anyone, along with this I started to lose my faith. When I found twenty one pilots, I call it a blessing. These two boys created music that people like me could relate to, REAL things.. Not about new cars, sex, drugs etc. their music was about depression overcoming it and staying alive, knowing that you’re not alone. So when I came across their music, I attached myself to it, using it as a crutch for the days I felt down, hence the reason I got my tattoo.. “We’ve made it this far, kid.” Something that reminds me each day that no matter what I’ve been through, what I’m going through, I’ve made it this far and I can’t give up now.

I could never fully explain how much this band has helped me mentally/emotionally. As months went after I discovered their music I started blogging about it on a popular website called tumblr where I met a lot of new friends who had felt the same things and gone through what I’d gone through bonding simply over the love for lyrics and meaning of the music. More months went by, several concerts later.. I had met Tyler & Josh (the band) always happy to meet fans, very down to earth, funny guys. I decided to create a video to show them just what they meant to everyone.. with more and more submissions for this project the more friends I made. So finally one day a few of the girls I had met on tumblr and I decided to take a concept of what the boys were calling their fanbase ‘skeleton clique’, we decided to make it a fanpage. This is where everything picked up.. I was meeting more people making more friends who liked the same things I did and again related to me on an emotional level.. eventually we (skeletonclique) gained a partnership with them, and the guys started to recognize my friends & I.

I go to so many of their concerts because their concerts in the weirdest way they’re like therapy.. It’s a few hours to scream as loud as you want, laugh, cry, dance.. a few hours where you can let go of anything that’s happening in your life, and know theres a room full people who can relate to what you’re going through, & that you’re not alone. Everytime im at a Twenty One Pilots concert I feel no stress, no pain, I’m happy and I leave feeling better than I did going in..

This is a simplified & quick explanation to help you better understand me.

So yea, call me crazy I’ve been to 19 Concerts, in 5 different states.. But I can tell you a few things… Everytime I meet Tyler & Josh the smile on their face shows me how happy they are that i’m there and they greet me with a hug everytime, I have friends that I’ve made that mean the world to me and I can’t imagine my life without now, true friends, I know there is a God one that loves me even though I questioned it, & that I am alive and the happiest I’ve been in a long time.


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it’s like you’re my mirror
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be well
stay alright, if it’s the best you’ve got
one day, we’ll find a way to be great
meanwhile we stay alive

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sømetimes you just need to jump in a pool with you clothes & a mask and have a photoshoot with your bestfriend :: inspired by Tyler Joseph
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| The sun will rise /
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Anonymous asked: Your tattoo is sick 👌 much respect from a fellow twenty one pilots fan

thank you |-/

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Inspired by twenty one pilots & the skeletøn clique••